Hockey Bones player raters needed

At the heart of the Hockey Bones game engine is player interaction. At the heart of that is subjective ratings.

For years the subjective ratings have been done on an end of season singular rating. We’ve decided to modernize and update this idea to include more people, and more games, in fact all the games.

As a rater you will signup, and then enter the private website, choose the game you just watched, in person or on TV, you will be presented with the team roster and boxes to enter the appropriate rating, click the other team from the game, and same roster with blank spaces screen will appear, hit submit, done. It should take no more than 3-5 minutes per game.

We will aggregate all the data and put it into the formulas at season end, for what I believe is a better, more accurate player card.

I don’t ask or expect a complete season commitment, you rate whenever you watch a game, 1 game, 5 games, 100 games, whatever you add is great and welcome.

In addition you will be given access to a private forum where you can ask questions, or debate ratings as the season progresses.

Two main rules: 1)You must signup and agree to the conditions (Don’t worry, not onerous) 2) You cannot discuss ratings or anything from the beta forum outside the beta forum.

If you really want to help grow and make Hockey Bones a better game, please join us. If you don’t want to rate players (Hint: I don’t get to watch too much hockey, or know a great deal about it, do you really want me to make a guy a 1,1 when he’s a 4,2?)

Signup now, signup anytime during the season……send me an email