PTG Football

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2019-2020 season available now!

Available in PDF only

If you want to see the action unfold on the field on every play…feel the pressure of making that tough 3rd down call…you must check out PTG Football

We’ve brought 28 years of Statis Pro Football play and over 10 years of design work to the game.
Jim Barnes the creator of Statis Pro said

“I like the concept you are using and all the work you put into the product…impressive”.

All the fun and excitement of the original Statis Pro game is there and we’ve added so much more……

We’ve updated to a Base-10 system allowing for greater variability and realism in the results.

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Advanced statistics not previously available have allowed us to come up with the most accurate player cards and that translates to accurate play on the field!

Play by Play has been studied and every ball handler in the game now more accurately reflects on-field performance. 3 yards and a cloud of dust, yup we have that!

One of the beauties of the Statis Pro system was and is the simplicity. Cover 2, Cover 3 it’s in there, 3 Tight Ends got it!

More plays and strategies, a new model for quarterbacks and ball handlers.

Solo, league, and replay tested……

PTG Football PDF includes:

A beautiful full-color football field. You can practically smell the grass.

Black and White 11″ x 14″ Player Displays.

 The entire 2019 NFL is included!

Basic and Team Specific Penalty Tables (Yes all 32 teams personalized!).

Easy to read Charts for all the on-field action.

Play selection offense and defense

Timesheet to copy