DTC Updates

This page will serve as the central repository for updates and FAQ’s on DriveThruCards Print and PDF from PT Games.


Hockey Bones Print and PDF Releases

Hockey Bones Core Game – Print and PDF

1966-67 – 1969-70 – Print

1970-71 Eastern and Western Conferences – Print [Bundle deal available]

1979-80 By Division – Print [Bundle deal available]

1992-93 By Division – Print [Bundle deal available]

6-All Time Teams – Print

Second Edition of 6-All Time Teams – Print

ARC Cards – Print

Hockey Bones Accessories, new rink design, ARC Cards, and 6-All Time Teams – Print [Bundle deal available]

New Hockey Bones Rink Design – Print

All seasons are available as PDF

Solo PTG Football Print and PDF Releases

1-5 Steps Deck and Action Deck – Print Bundle

PTG Football Print and PDF Releases

Action Deck – Print

PTG Football Demo – PDF

Solo PTG Football Demo – PDF

PTG College Basketball

PTG College Basketball – PDF

All Games

Download of all PT Games Sports collection, demo or core games for Hockey Bones, PTG Football, PTG Solo Football, and PTG College Basketball – PDF [Bundle deal available]


Q: Does PT Games handle customer issues for Drive ThruCards products?

A: No. For all issues related to Drive ThruCards ordering, website, checkout or any other matter related to a purchase through the DTC webstore.

Q: Are their different prices on products?

A: No. With one exception. The Hockey Bones “Pre-Release” cardsets available directly from PT Games will still be produced and sold. Although, once a “pre-release” is over the cardset will move to print only on DTC. No special orders from PT Games.

Q: Why do this move to DTC?

A: We have actually been in the OneBookShelf system since 2004. We began as a Dungeons & Dragons game material publisher on rpgnow.com. OneBookShelf bought the rpgnow webstore and merged into the DriveThru webstores. We have published PDF’s of Faceoff Hockey and Hockey Bones since 2011 in the OneBook Shelf system. We felt the time was right to increase our presence on Drivethrucards.com with the various titles and make available print game material.

Q: How often are you putting print items on DTC?

A: As fast as we can. It is a 2-3 week process so we will announce new print items through our various communication channels when a product becomes “live” on DTC.

Q: How/What are the choices for print made?

A: We will ask through our communication channels and release items as we decide on sales potential, need, interest.

Q: How do DTC cards differ from the standard PT Games?

A: PT Games local printer uses a C2S 12 pt. high-gloss cardstock and prints on one-side with straight corners. DriveThruCards uses a high-gloss heavy cardstock (think Magic or Bicycle playing cards), rounded corners, and double-sided. DTC allows a maximum of 300 cards per set so Hockey Bones full season sets, as well as other game sets, must be split into smaller sets for print. DTC does have plastic cases for a maximum of 120 cards and all sets of less than 120 cards will ship with a PT Games designed tuck box for easy storage.