This page will feature whatever add-ons, corrections, or fun free stuff that either we make or better yet that you the players have made that has enhanced your experience with a game from us.

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Dice Roller/FAC Flippers

Hockey Bones and PTG College Basketball are featured

Lewis Dice Rollers/FAC Flippers

PTG Hockey/Hockey Bones/FaceOff items

Sample Walk-through from Peter Miller – HOCKEY BONES Sample Play Through

Peter Miller Quick Reference Card QRC Peter Miller

Hockey Bones stat sheet Hockey Bones stat sheet

Hockey Bones Shift Counter Shifts page

Faceoff/Hockey Boners Dice Roller by Keith Wright HBRoller PT Note this is a zip file.

The following items are historical in nature. PT Games had no hand in creation and presents them as given to us.

Original FaceOff ARC Cards- The card images are very poor as the original cards had a dark brown background and that did not scan well arc cards

FaceOff Rules History – Compiled by Doc Savage faceoffrules history

CSKA and the Soviet Wings from Super Series 76 FOH 1976 Soviet Teams

1980 Olympics 1980 Olympics

1977-81 FaceOff ruleset 77-81 rules

Old Style FaceOff statsheets Old style statsheets

1982-83 FaceOff order form 1982-83 Order Form

Faceoff Score Sheet Faceoff Scoresheet

PTG College Basketball

PTG Basketball College Scoresheet PTG Basketball scoresheet college 2.0

Markers for “loose” or fatigued players – these can be printed, cut and used as stickers or paper. token markers for loose and fatigue

How to play video PTG Basketball 2.0 Gameplay example

Solo PTG Football – Formerly Solo Football Bones

Stat Sheet – Solo PTG Football Stat Sheet

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