This page will feature whatever add-ons, corrections, or fun free stuff that either we make or better yet that you the players have made that has enhanced your experience with a game from us.

PTG Hockey/Hockey Bones/FaceOff items

Sample Walk-through from Peter Miller – HOCKEY BONES Sample Play Through

Peter Miller Quick Reference Card QRC Peter Miller

Hockey Bones stat sheet Hockey Bones stat sheet

Hockey Bones Shift Counter Shifts page

Hockey Bones 2019 Rules Update HB rules revised

Faceoff/Hockey Bones Dice Roller by Andy Lewis Faceoff Die Roller

Faceoff/Hockey Boners Dice Roller by Keith Wright HBRoller PT Note this is a zip file

The following items are historical in nature. PT Games had no hand in creation and presents them as given to us.

FaceOff ARC Cards The card images are very poor as the original cards had a dark brown background and that did not scan well arc cards

FaceOff Rules History – Compiled by Doc Savage faceoffrules history

CSKA and the Soviet Wings from Super Series 76 FOH 1976 Soviet Teams

1980 Olympics 1980 Olympics

1977-81 FaceOff ruleset 77-81 rules

Old Style FaceOff statsheets Old style statsheets

1982-83 FaceOff order form 1982-83 Order Form

PTG Basketball 2.0

PTG Basketball College Scoresheet PTG Basketball scoresheet college 2.0

Markers for “loose” or fatigued players – these can be printed, cut and used as stickers or paper. token markers for loose and fatigue

How to play video PTG Basketball 2.0 Gameplay example

Solo PTG Football – Formerly Solo Football Bones

Stat Sheet – Solo PTG Football Stat Sheet

2018 Penalty Tables penalty tables 2018

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