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PT Games Today and Tomorrow

We have made significant strides in our efforts during 2020 to expand our audience and look forward to 2021 to take another step or three forward.

The introduction (or re-introduction) of DriveThruCards.com https://www.drivethrucards.com/ to the PT Games lineup is allowing us to include Print-on-demand (POD) to our lineup. We have already brought a few items to the market in the Hockey Bones lineup, from cardsets to ARC cards and will be adding a steady diet of POD to the Hockey Bones roster.

Adding POD expands our audience to players that prefer already printed to PDF, and the quality of the DriveThruCards.com product is first rate. Rounded corners, double-sided, high-gloss (think Magic or Bicycle playing cards) adds another dimension to the sports gamer experience.

Don’t get us wrong, the cards from our local printer have been first rate and in trying to limit cost we decided against the quality level of DTC. New Hockey Bones sets will still be sold through our “Pre-Release” sale in our webstore but if you miss that sale your only choice will be DTC.

We have lots of discussion in our forums on this and many subjects. http://forums.delphiforums.com/ptgamesinc/start

PTG Football work on a computer version has been underway for several months and progress is slow but steady. The first version won’t be a graphic masterpiece, its a text-sim. It won’t have moving graphics but it will play a good deep game of football. The computer game will not be a port from board to computer, no, the computer game will be much deeper, we are using data from over a dozen sources. Building an amazing game engine that can be modified for the time period. Decision making by the AI will be driven by data and have the ability to learn and adapt while playing.

We are hoping to have the game Windows, Mac and Linux compatible on release and reach a greater audience. Online and multiplayer are a priority and as we move forward look to our forums for more information.

The year of 2020 has meant many challenges for us personally and professionally. We hope 2021 brings us all a damn sight better year.

Keep an ear out for our podcast https://sportsptgamesinc.podbean.com/ for the latest PT Games news, surprises and guests.