Hockey Bones

1959-60, 60-61, 65-66 through 84-85, 86-87, 87-88, 92-93, 93-94, 96-97 and 2001-2023 seasons available

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For players of Faceoff Hockey, Hockey Bones is the same game with a new name.

New cardset releases filled in the missing Faceoff set years and updated the cards with better information leading to a more accurate representation. In addition, the Hockey Bones sets contain every player that laced up the skates for a given season.

Hockey Bones is a modernizing and updating of the successful FaceOff Hockey board game franchise.

Hockey Bones does not cut corners with detail and includes every facet of the fastest team sport in the world.

Hockey Bones takes only a few minutes to learn and off you go playing the fastest team sport in the world on your tabletop.

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The action is revealed in a few die rolls with every player represented with high-gloss cards. See at an instant if he shoots and SCORES! or the goalie swats the shot aside!

Players perform as they did in a realistic simulation of the speed and power using dice and cards.

The Action happens in 24-second segments with players rated for speed, shooting, defense (even the Forwards can block a shot!), passing, and penalty.  Goalies matter in Hockey Bones!

Player ratings are the deepest and most complete in the industry. Going beyond stats to rate players in dozens of categories.

We’ve developed an ingenious game board for the penalty box and line changes that make the game flow and the hard-hitting action never stop!

Other games have tried to duplicate the brilliance of the FaceOff model. We didn’t try we have the original packaged now under the Hockey Bones moniker!

Many free downloads are available for historic card sets, play-through examples, scoresheets, and other goodies on our freebie page.

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