SIS and PT Games Reach Data Agreement

PT Games is pleased to announce an agreement with Sports Info Solutions (SIS) to provide data for the PT Games Football product line.

SIS brings objective, accurate data meticulously created with their team of data scientists using exceptional models predicting and analyzing all actions on the field. The SIS team of specialists brings PT Games a seamless integration and ongoing support system for the football game data.

SIS brings unparalleled, innovative data sets to cover every aspect of sporting action, across all levels of baseball, football, and basketball. SIS is known for quantifying what was previously unquantifiable and continues to push that envelope with new innovations and data details.

PT Games used the 2022 data to bring a new level of realism to the player cards for the board game and 2023 expands the depth of the card detail with even deeper SIS data.

The SIS data being used for the forthcoming computer game has pushed the on and off-field experience to new heights with players, coaches, and game officials rated in over 350 categories. 

Stay tuned for more information about the forthcoming PTG Football Computer Game. 

Sports Info Solutions