Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. My hopes for a PhD from Trinity College Dublin have been put aside. I returned home on December 10th not feeling well and in a weakened state.

A few days later a visit to the family doctor and blood tests ( I have these all the time due to diabetes and past illness) brought a 10 pm call that my hemoglobin number was in the critical range.

The missus and I headed off to the ER and thoughts of dealing with anemia. Well, not so fast. I’m admitted and yes I have anemia brought on by a malignant tumor. Four long days later tumor removed, but the cancer still remains.

This has changed my life in many, many ways. I have enrolled back in school here to pursue my PhD albeit from a different school. To do this I need to get another Master’s degree. So, I’m off to classrooms and papers once again. Ugh! I dread sitting in classrooms again.

Looking for full-time work and working on the next PT Games projects are the order of the day, oh and a little video game playing. I can’t play C&D games without taking apart a game engine or fretting over results.

Keep an eye on the forums for the new projects from PT Games and thanks for the continuing support!