PT Games moves into multi-platform sports games development – Help Wanted!

PT Games has for the past 2 years or so been developing a new American-style football game. The game is based on our popular PTG Football game engine but will be so much more when released.

The game will feature a career mode, single-season replay, and more. The game will not be a button-masher or add-on to the board game. We look to fill a space in the sports game market that has surprisingly been left open.

Public details for the game remain sparse as we have navigated covid-time, slowing development. Just as covid 19 seems to have lessened its impact we are ramping up development.

See below for 3 jobs we look to fill quickly.

GUI Designer:
Experience with Qt Designer (for Qt 5) and/or graphic web design
with HTML and CSS wanted; both preferred. Experience with Python 3 GUI
programming helpful. The work will involve designing a graphical user
interface for a football game program, using the PySide 2 Python bindings for
Qt 5 as the GUI engine, and will include exploring both Qt Designer and
HTML/CSS as possible frameworks.

Data Collection/Out of Game Processes:
Experience with Python 3 programming wanted, particularly in web scraping and translation of data among various formats. Fluency with Excel spreadsheets helpful. The work will involve
collecting and collating data from various sources and putting it into the appropriate format for use by a football game simulation engine. The work will also involve writing Python code to support out of game “general manager” processes, such as scouting, drafting players, and trading players,
as a module of the overall football game program.

Excel Expert:
We are looking for someone to help organize and automate the gathering, conversion, and dissemination of data for a new computer sports game.
The job will require extensive knowledge of HTML, Excel macros, workflows, data gathering, conversion to CSV format, and web scraping.
An understanding of Python 3 is helpful but not required.
Excel and MS Office knowledge must be current with Office 365.
The game is multi-platform for Mobile, PC, Linux, and Mac so knowledge across platforms for database management and data design is also helpful.

All work will be remote with no guarantee of long-term employment. But this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.
Send all resumes/CVs and files to timplum8 at (replace at with @)
PT Games LLC is owned and operated by Peter Donis and Tim Plum.
Both of the founders have more than 30 years of experience with fantasy roleplaying games–mainly, though not exclusively, with D&D and over 15 years in the sports board game business.

In 2009, Tim decided to add FaceOff Hockey to the mix and PT Games interest in sports publishing was born.

In 2012, We added 3 new games to the site. Basketball Bones, Football Bones, and Hockey Bones.

In 2019, Solo Football was added to the lineup.

In 2020, PT Games begins to develop their first computer game, PT Games Football.

PT Games is located in Virginia in the United States.

The website for PT Games (note the computer game is early in development so there are no screenshots).