Last night I had the honor to attend pre-draft festivities for the Can-Am Hockey League. For those wondering the Can-Am league is a 42 year old FaceOff/Hockey Bones boardgame league. Every year they meet for the purpose of drafting the next season’s roster, and they have a great time over a long weekend.
Now let me say I belong to a Statis-Pro football leage that is 27 years strong and we also meet yearly in March for our draft, but its nothing compared to the Can-Am fun.

A group of guys and gals get together, drink, commiserate, tell old stories, and have a great time over the long weekend and whats so great is they are friends. They attend each others weddings, grieve for each other in loss, and genuinely care. A board game makes this possible.

When I decided to keep the FaceOff game alive I had these guys in mind. If a group can meet for 40+ years over a game that deserves to keep going. I was truly honored to be allowed to meet them all, Steve, ODH, Woj, Murray, and so many others, my apologies for leaving anyone out. A great bunch of guys that truly love a boardgame, Arizona, and for a drunk couple of guys a dog 🙂

Thanks guys you really show what Game Night should be….