New Baseball Game!

PT Games is once again proud to announce that we have become a reseller with ABC Games Company.
Tabletop Baseball (TTB) is a unique-quick play baseball game that uses your own baseball cards to play a game.
With one 2 pages of instructions and 1 page for charts, 2 dice (1d10, 1d20) and your own collected baseball cards you can match any players or teams against each other in a quick-play (15 minutes!) low resource (fits on a TV tray) game.
No need to wait for a shipped product if you have the dice and cards a quick PDF download (you are allowed 24/7/365 to downloads) you can begin to play in a matter of minutes.
No need to wait for new season cards as you mix and match to your play interest.
Great game to play with the kids as you both get to explore the baseball cards, make lineups and roll game results.
Visit our game page Tabletop Baseball (TTB) or ABC Game Company TTB
To purchase use the discount code ‘ptgames‘ for 20% off your order ABC Game Store